Egyptian jinn of 1000 Wishes power changes

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Egyptian jinn of 1000 Wishes power change


This special is for a ring listed

Ancient Egyptian jinn of 1000 Wishes power changes !!

A very complicated djinn over 13,000 years old!

A very powerful djinn that not all jinn can fulfill as many wishes as this one !!!

Many rituals were necessary to achieve this !

Once connected, the Djinn will  show its strength and you will feel it because its energy is gigantic …

1000 wishes that the Djinn fulfills for you:






and the list goes on …

You will receive the name and bonding info

You are purchasing the item in the pictures. Any activity  paranormal or otherwise is a gift. The description and claims are strictly for entertainment purposes only.  

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1 review for Egyptian jinn of 1000 Wishes power changes

  1. Jordan H

    I had a strain of constant bad luck and misfortunes for last 2 years.I stumbled on this web page and bought this item five months back.This ring carries a ifrit sort of jinn that has the habit to manipulate your thoughts and desires to a large extent.It also at the same time brings in huge wealth from all sources it can find.It had literally brought me out of the debts and eased my mind and enhanced my will but at the same time made me crave to have more carnal pleasures of life that is the reason i gave four stars but its indeed very powerful.

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