Karna Pishachani Mantra Siddhi Subliminal Hypnosis USB Flash


Karna Pishachani Sadhana is the most powerful Sadhana to invoke the unseen powerful energy inside one’self that bless the aspirant with the ability to Predict the Past,Present and the Future.

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Karna Pishachani Mantra Siddhi Subliminal Hypnosis Audio MP4 USB Flash


Karna Pishachani Sadhana is the most powerful Sadhana to invoke the unseen powerful energy inside one’self that bless the aspirant with the ability to Predict the Past,Present and the Future.

In olden days the Aspirant had to go to special Tantra Masters to master this Sadhana and had to spend countless days and nights reciting the Mantra ultimately to invoke the spiritual power to unravel the mystery kept unknown to humans.

For the First time we bring this fantastic Subliminal MP4 USB Flash Program in which the powerful Mantra had been unlocked with Secret Samphuts by Tantra Masters and been encoded to Ultrasonic frequency that will bypass the conscious mind and flow direct to the Subconscious Mind with ability to Channel Goddess Karna Pishachani.

Constant listening will unraven the Spiritual Power inside the Aspirant with the ability to forecast the Past, Present and Future.

We have tested this program before listing with ten different persons.What we found in the results-

After recurring listening of this USB Flash Drive the aspirant will start slowly to experience that automatically words, sentence will flow from the mouth of the individual about any person, event or things without having any previous knowledge of past, present or future about that particular person, event, thing, or place.

The Aspirant will start to comprehend knowledge about things related to past present or future as if some one is whispering inside through his mouth.

One may have the ability to see about anybody past present or future also through Dreams

However we tested different cases with this special encoded Flash Drive  law requires us that we make no claims and this Flash Drive must be solely purchased with intentions to pursue for educational and research purpose only and that all humans are different and vary in conscious reasoning so the results may vary accordingly and must be interpreted scientifically.

We have made only couples of USB Flash Drive (if you want it physically delivered) so purchase it now before the stock exhaust. 


Please Carefully Read Before you purchase-

  Subliminal recordings are one of the most recent tools in the self-development field that offers the promise of helping people make dramatic life changes conveniently, inexpensively and with little effort.

 Institute of Mind development and hypnosis has created Life changing positive Programming Mp3 Download that will tremendously help you in finding the answers that you may seek. This powerful Ultrasonic subliminal Hypnosis entrainment download will program your mind for instant positive results, simply by listening to this CD.

This was created by Licensed Certified Triple Gold medalist Hypnotherapist who knows the art to create permanent life positive changes miracally.Carefully Chosen Positive affirmations and the right frequency is the key that gives the Assured guaranteed result within a short period of time.

Now a days there are many fake Hypno-subliminal Programs in the market that actually don’t contain any affirmations and no right frequency encoded to bypass the conscious state of mind and are commercially sold to buyers worldwide without any results.

We have sold many of our program worldwide since 2007 and there had been recurring purchases from the same buyer.why?Because it’s the life changes that our Program brings in.

 We sell 100% Original Authentic Program that are seen effective as fast as fifteen days of use.The more you use the more faster is the results.However all humans are different and the results may vary.

 We challenge Our Program creates the changes you desire,if not you can claim your money back-NO QUESTIONS ASKED…Yes its that powerful to bring in the proven results that was seen to be effective in 85% cases in just 15 days of use…TRY IT OUT to know better. 

Harness the powers of your subconscious mind. Use the power of your subconscious mind to create lasting positive results. Instantly create a positive environment in your home and/or office. Unlock the power of your subconscious mind for successful positive programming, Open your subconscious mind to allow the reprogramming process to occur as easily and effortlessly.

 With the help of this CD you can remove any pre-existing inner mental blocks,mental obstacles and hindrances,Limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that may be retarding your progress towards whatever goal or purpose you aim to accomplish with silent Ultrasonic subconscious programming that feeds and programs your subconscious mind at the deepest level of your effective awareness. 

Our Ultrasonic Subliminal Hypnosis Program will dramatically improve your mental,Emotional and Spiritual health.

Ultrasonic subliminal Hypnosis Program  will create real and constant happiness in your life,regardless of your past or present circumstances.

Ultrasonic Subliminal Hypnosis Program will Significantly Improve your creativity,intelligence and mental functioning.

Ultrasonic Subliminal Hypnosis Program will help Improve your overall sense of well being and thrive inner peace.This will definately will help you create your own success in the world,along with personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that comes with being successful.

Ultrasonic subliminal Hypnosis Program was created with the best Brainwave entrainment Frequencies and Encoded with Top of line systems that use the most recent Ultrasonic Subliminal Technology.It combines the best Positive and carefully guided affirmations and ambient music that is encoded to higher frequencies that just bypass your conscious mind level awareness and decodes back only the informations to the subconscious mind reinforcing it with positive changes we intend to change.

Subconscious programming will produce positive life changing results while you read, work, play, and even when you sleep.
Our Program contain stress relieving nature sounds combined with relaxing music with subconscious messages, and inaudible higher frequency tones that change your brain wave. All that you will hear consciously is the enchanting nature sounds combined with relaxing music but your brain will directly receive and processes subconscious positive retraining and reinforcement messages without any need for conscious knowledge.

We suggest you play the program repeatedly while sleeping for maximum exposure and maximum positive results..

Listen to the program repetitively for the two month you own it. Listen while you work, play, and sleep. See for yourself what the mood enhancing and mind altering effects of brain wave training technology will do for you. Become the best you possible with positive subconscious programming that is scientifically based.

If you require You can send us any specific affirmations to add to the subliminal recordings Programs that we create for you.

Do not listen to this program when driving or operating equipment.

International shipping will take about 2-4 weeks of time if not delayed by customs of your country.

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This item is copyrighted and cannot be copied, resold or re-distributed in any manner.

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