Yantras:Meaning And its Benefits
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Yantras:Meaning And its Benefits

Yantra is a Sanskrit word that means an instrument/apparatus used to perform meditation and for invoking the deity by chanting specific Sanskrit mantras as daily ritual at home/office and temples. They are sacred/psychological symbols representing the inner states of human consciousness and the process of evolution. They protect us from bad forces and bring luck, health, education, love, relationship and wealth.

Shree Yantra – It is the most popular yantra dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi(Wealth). It helps in materialistic gains and makes a person rich by positive diversion of the energies.
Kuber Yantra – This yantra is dedicated to lord Kuber, it can be placed in your house or work place(office) for financial gains in property.
Lakshmi Yantra – This yantra like Shree Yantra is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and brings prosperity and removes poverty from life.
Mahamrithyunjay Yantra – This yantra belongs to lord Shiva. It bestows good health and longevity and also resolves the problem of premature death.
Saraswati Yantra – This yantra is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati(Knowledge). It will help the student to get good marks by increasing their concentration and memory.
Navgreh / Navgriha Yantra – It is dedicated to all nine Planets. This yantra ward off the unfavourable influences caused by these planets and magnify the positive effects, making the life peaceful.
Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra-This yantra is used to increase the sales and profits of the business. It is auspicious to keep these yantras in the office.
Yantras for each Planet – These Yantras are separately used to please all the Nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Rahu (North node), Ketu. These Yantras removes/dilutes the bad effects of these particular planets.
Ganesh Yantra – This yantra is dedicated to God Ganesh which helps in fulfilling all the wishes and brings prosperity in life.

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