Athira Amulet Moon Chandra Yantra Talisman Ring


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The Moon is known as Chandra according to the Vedic astrology. The Moon God is also known as Soma which means nectar. Son of Sage Atri and Anusaya, Chandra is the lunar God and one the most powerful celestial body in Hinduism. Holding a lotus in one hand and a mace in the other, the Moon God is often depicted as white in colour and is seen seated on a chariot pulled by ten white horses.
According to the Hindu scriptures, Chandra or the Moon God represents the human mind, the subconscious and is a giver of life force. The moon represents the human mind, fertility and is known to influence one’s imaginative and intuitive nature. Worshipping the Moon God results in getting relief from all unhappiness, enhances self-confidence and offers emotional and mental stability. The cool rays of Chandra God are said to spread happiness.
Think deep in your mind…
Do you feel depressed often?
Do you often find yourself in quarrels with others unwantedly?
Are you facing problems in your relationships now?
Do you lack mother love and caring?
Are you often misunderstood by others?
Do you often face accidents?
Are you suffering disharmony and blood related health disorders in your life?
Do you often find yourself struggling with finance???
then…this is the right time to..Purchase this Miraculous ring now
One may use this powerful Sidhha activated Athira Amulet Moon Chandra Yantra Talisman Ring in order to obtain the blessings of the planet Moon for emotional stability, relationship, friendship, respect, harmony, health, removing ailments, creativity, improving intuition, feminine energies & flexibility.
Basically planet Moon affects the personality, temperament and mental & emotional balance. This Athira Amulet Chandra Yantra ring also helps to pacify the malefic of the planet & radiate its beneficial powers on you.
Athira Amulet Chandra Yantra ring benefits:
 It helps to gain a better memory and improves eyesight.
– Removes negative energy in the environment.
– For emotional and financial stability.
– for enhanced peace and harmony.
– Relieves oneself from emotional trauma, stress and personality disorders.
– Relief from breathing problems, chest, lung infections and mental depression.
– Relief from malefic effects of planet Moon (Chandra).
– To attain blessings of Chadra.
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