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Om aim hraam kleem shri batukbhairavaya”

Bhairava means “terribly fearsome form”. It is also known as one who destroys fear or one who is beyond fear. One interpretation is that he protects his devotees from dreadful enemies, greed, lust and anger.MahaKal Bhairava is a Hindu deity, believed to be the manifestation of Shiva in his ferocious form.

Devotees offering prayers to Lord Bhairava will benefit since Kaala Bhairava avatar blessed them with the skills to manage their time. Worshipping Lord Kaala Bhairav is highly auspicious and beneficial, since he blesses his devotees with fulfilling wishes, protection against all negatives, spiritual advancement, health, success, prosperity, and relief from malefic effects of the Rahu graha.

Bhairava is the ultimate godhead, where all of these forces are united. Worshipping Bhairava brings peace, prosperity, fertility, success, progeny. Bhakts, or devotees, fully believe that worshipping Kala Bhairava brings them prosperity, success, and good children, and grants long life, and eliminates financial troubles.

The Mahakal Bhairava ring is activated and energized by learned Siddha masters.All types of black magic,evils spells,voodoo,hoodoos,spirit possessions etc can easily be destroyed using the Mahakal Ring.

Mahakal ring helps to stop all type of enemies on their track working against you.Mahakal ring is powerful enough to stop ancient family curse flowing down in your life.

Mahakal ring had been activated and pumped into life with helps of powerful tantra samputs marjans and tarjans and rendered very powerful to guard your loved ones from all bad evil elements in the universe.

US Ring Size- 20mm


Type-Gold plating

Brand- Divya Lakshmi





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