Wish Prayer Desires Box


Simply write your wish and put inside  and it will be transferred into the Cosmos where the most powerful wish-granting entities will collect your wish and manifest it into reality!
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Guaranteed working…Tested…or Else Money back

Money back Guarantee….Just Ask One Wish….Good Or Bad and follow the instructions as adviced..If you dont see Real Events,Situations in the next following year we will send you double money for what you paid…Warning…Karmas will follow you and it cannot be reversed..Good Wishes will beget best..Bad Wishes will beget worst.. Think before you do any bad to  the innocent…


Siddha Masters have specially created this Wish box with 100x Powerful mantras invoked 64 yoginis and their spirits as servents to carry out and bring your Heart desires to  reality very fast.
This special Tantra Wish box casted with special mantras inside will amplify the power of the desires and tune it to the universe.
This Beautiful Wish Prayer Box was Spell casted over the rare Moon phases which makes them  stronger than a typical spell cast 
Simply write your wish and put inside the wish prayer desire boox and it will be transferred into the Cosmos where the most powerful wish-granting entities will collect your wish and manifest it into reality!
The Wish box contains one high transitional vibrational crystal inside that is preprogrammed with Six different sacred frequencies and called as the “GOD FREQUENCY”
The basis of all the real wish manifestation is the blue print of all our mental desires and wants but not productive as all our conscious thoughts depend mostly on Positive and negative emotions attributes attached with the desires.In other words our brain and the entire central nervous system only process information what is fed to them consciously irrespective of they are productive or not and hence the real desires or prayer is never answered from the universe back.
Masters know the exact secret of manifestation technique depends entirely on how to manipulate and alter the brain waves of the aspirant by the preprogrammed Crystal device. Masters explains that the “Godly Frequency” and the mind needs to be in tuned(in Sync) to channel the Divine Angelic forces to bring real manifestation practices fast.
We will send you a SECRET encoded Audio CD  accompanying Instructions (sent to your email) that will guide most users into this 
high-level attunement synchronizing the miracle frequency with the preprogrammed crystal inside the Wish box that only takes about 15 minutes each day to achieve.
You will marvel and feel astonished with the powerful abilities of this small wish box crafted meticulouly integrating the science and ancient Tantra word syllables divine frequency for you bring the desires..your wishes in reality.
You do not have to talk to any specific spirit or perform any bonding ritual.
This will automatically find the appropriate Spirit to assist you in manifesting your goals.
International Shipping will take abut 2-4 weeks of time for delivery to  your location.


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